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Know a Bit More is terminated
Thanks for all the past supporters


As a reader, you could not only earn Bitcoin, which you could use for buying things at merchants. The Advertiser would most likely give you bonuses on offers or earning oppotunities, which you could safe more in your pocket. By the way, there are some awesome sites showing up here occasionally!
Unlike other Paid To Read service, you could get paid in a short time instead of waiting at the site pointlessly.


As an advertiser, you could let Readers know about your site. Instead of having viewer to wait a period of time at your page, they view and answer your question. Which they could learrn about the great points of your site. As a result, more intrest towards your product, leads would be generated! Moreover, our fee is as low as 5%, and your ads are paying accoring to the performance. So you could have a good ad with low cost.
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