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Random Tippings

#moobot is the first room to tip quality chatting with extra mBTC, have fun chatting with others and get your Mootip surprice. (PS: Begging and spamming will be excluded and banned.)

Currency Unit Exchange

With #moobot, you can type in simple commands and have #moobot to calculate the equivalant current price of the other currency for you.
  • 82.33mBTC=?USD
  • 1789534Satoshi=?LTC
  • 5.1BTC equals to ?mBTC

Realtime Price Ticker

Want to know the current price of Litecoin or Bitcoin, simple with #moobot. Just Ask!
  • Litcoin USD
  • Bitcoin to Litecoin

Youtube Searching

Bored with chat? Why don't listen to some music video, or even watch some Cat videos! Easy and just type your query!
  • Watch Cat video
  • Listen to Friday
  • Youtube Scamwow!

Artificial Intelligence Response

#moobot is designed with intelegence . It doesn't only moos, it replies to some of your answers, interacts with you.
  • Tell me jokes
  • How are you
  • Hey Moobot!
ModeWinning OddsReturn
0 (Default)75%1.32x

Cow Tipping (Gambling)

Cow Tipping is a popular game in real life, but why not in the virtual world! You can choose cows to tip and win! Type "play cowtipping modenumber (eg: play cowtipping 2)" and start tipping #moobot with mBTC to wager. Max Bet is 5mBTC. Odds and winning as follow. Look ma! Down to only 2% houserake!, almost half of our competitors!

Advance usage of #moobot

#moobot works not only in his own channel. You can bring it to #main room with a '!moo' before the command. However only ticker, exchange, jokes, video search will work and there is a 5 request per minute limit to prevent spam in #main.
  • !moo watch cat videos
  • !moo jokes
  • !moo 12mBTC=?usd
  • !moo (PS: shortcut for '!moo btcusd')

#moobot is a bot user which was created by lordsonkit/001sonkit with PHP and Javascript, and have no direct relation to admin of CoinChat (TradeFortress) except customer. For any enquires related to this bot, please contact lordsonkit with PM on CoinChat or send email to chromaticcreative@gmail.com