Moo Client

The only chat client for CoinChat that gives sublime experience

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Optimized for devices

No matter where you are, you can connect to Coinchat with our wide compatability. From Desktop to tablets. Even Android and iDevices. Just key-in our link, and you can start chatting right away!

Even more, the interface will adjust automatically according to the width of the device or the chat window. Ensure the best experience anywhere.

Functions, At a glance

Old Internet-Relayed-Chat, and even Coin Chat offical clients have plenty of commands, but with various of commands, users can hardly remember any of them.

With Moo Client, one simple button brings revolutionary change to the whole user experience. All commands are sorted clearly with a precise tutorial and example. Maximixing the features of CoinChat have never been easier.

Multiple Rooms, At once

With two different interfaces, you can manage chats in multiple rooms at once. At the mobile version of the site, the top bar acts as a notification center. When other room stream messages in, you can know the first line of content at a glance, without leaving the room. Want to reply? Just switch to a different room by opening the notification bar.

On Desktop, the immersive design of the client brings another level of ease to Coin Chat. Flip and look at the last message of a room, click and get right in. With more desktop space, just slide your mouse over the room name, and you can post in other rooms without even leaving.

Audio · Video · Disco

I hear · I see · I learn

Moo Client also features an inline video and music player. Which automatically detects Youtube, Vimeo, and SoundCloud links in the chat and create a quick link to open multimedia in-page, without opening another window and leaving the chat.

For music video, you can even minimize the video to save up space, leaving only the control bar of it.

Messaging Done Right

Coin Chat is a web Chat Room service, without notifications in the main client, important messages could be skipped. With Moo Client, you can choose to be notified in various occasions. For example, messages with your username mentioned and your private messages, or messages in the same room etc. Never miss an important message agian, switch to Moo Client!

Perfect, down to the last pixel

Product of lordsonkit, creator of #moobot